We are a family owned company serving the community in which we live.  In addition to providing the private citizens and businesses with our services, we work in conjunction with all of the law enforcement agencies in Moore County, NC.  Community Towing is a bona fide towing agency that provides emergency response towing and recovery in accidents, crime scenes, and wrecks.  All of our equipment is well maintained and regularly inspected to ensure the public's safety when it is in use.  By working in conjuction with local law enforcement, we are required to maintain in effect a valid Hook and Cargo Insurance Policy and Garage Keepers Insurance Policy.  With Community Towing your vehicle is both physically and financially secure!

Community Towing also takes part in the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association's safety audits: USDOT# 22229685.  Regular updated training and safety inspections are paramount to success.  Community Towing works in a manner that, "Everyone goes home!"